New Drag-On & Kurupt Mixtapes

Ok it’s mixtape Saturday again over here at Rants of Knowledge, and this Saturday imp going to hit you with 2 mixtapes since I missed last week. The first one is from Drag-on, a lot of you might remember him for being on Ruff Ryder’s and hanging out with DMX. He is no longer on the Ruff Ryder’s (are they even in business any more?) he now reps hood environment. Drag has always been over looked and under appreciated, I got all of Drags previous albums and there all hot. Download his mixtape called The Crazies hosted by Dj Self and make sure check out Drag in the studio.

The second one is from one of my all-time favorite artist, the legendary Kurupt. I know people have been questioning if Kurupt still has it over the last few years, even I had been kind of disappointed but all the newer stuff I have been hearing Kurupt put out is fire. Ever since he started working with Terrance Martin I think Kurupt got the flame up under his ass again. His new mixtape is a prequel to Streetlights the album he is soon to release with Terrance Martin, it’s called Tha 4:20 Mixtape let me know what you think.


Nike Aina Chukka

Nike, always the innovator has come up with another casual looking shoe with a design not yet touched on. The Nike Aina Chukka seen below in a stone/white colorway is constructed of suede in the upper part of the shoe. The side panel woven suede with straight leather lines through it that match the laces. You can get a pair NOW ON EBAY for two more days, or you can wait for them to hit the stores soon.

New Gorillaz Video, Stylo

The Gorilllaz have always been known for their cool videos, and with their new albums (Plastic Beach) release date fast approaching (march 9th) they release their first video from the album, a song called Stylo. This video is the shit! It has a guest appearance from Bruce Willis and of course sweet animation that the Gorillaz are known for. Check it out

Also make sure to check out their official website

What the f**k is wrong with companies

I can’t stand it when I find something online really dope that I must have but for some damn reason the company decides that you can only get it at certain retail stores. Don’t these companies realize that it is 2010 and people shop online? Why even advertise or show of your product if a customer cant even buy it from your website, that shit doesn’t make any sense. Isn’t the objective for a company to make as much money as possible? Do they not realize how much profit they are losing out on by not selling online? It really pisses me off when I see something I like and then find out that I can only get it in some small ass store in San Francisco. WTF kind of bullshit is that? I’m Mark and that’s my rant.

A New Nightmare

I have always been a huge fan of horror and slasher movies. The first horror movie I ever saw was Nightmare on Elm Street, I can’t remember how old I was at the time but I do remember I had to beg my mom to let me rent it. Freddy Krueger has always been one of my favorite horror movie characters since. But I always wanted them to put out a movie were Krueger was more serious and scary, that’s why I can’t wait for the new Nightmare on Elm Street to come out. They not only gave Freddy a new look but they also made him a little tenser and not the comedic Freddy we are all used to. For more information on the movie checkout the official website.

Joel is a Beast

This week my featured mixtape is from Joel Ortiz. One fourth of the underground super group Slaughter House, Joel is a lyrical beast. If you like that dance happy bullshit this is not for you. There is nothing but straight spittin on this one; I don’t even think there is one hook on the whole mixtape. This one is a few months old but it is a classic that I thought every hip-hop fan should hear. Listen as Ortiz rips through your favorite artists tracks as well as some new ones. Road Kill is Joel proving once again that he is one of the best in the game.  Click Link or Image to download the mixtape.

Is 30 to old to make the Team?

Tomorrow I will be trying out for the Traverse City Wolves (A semi pro football team). I think to my self is it even possible for a 30 year old man (ok well 29 but almost 30) who hasn’t played football since they stopped making footballs out of pigskin, to even have a chance to make it. With all the young kids fresh out of college and high school who have been playing for years, do I even stand a chance? I used to be fast, I used to be athletic, I used to be able to catch but it has been so long since I have even tested my skills that I don’t even know what I’m capable of. Am I crazy for even trying? Tomorrow I will find out. I have to it’s always been one of my life long dreams to play a professional sport. And semi pro football is close enough to pro, I mean I will be getting paid to play if I make the team and that makes it pro in my book. So when I go tomorrow I’m going to give it my all and hope for the best, and if I get a chance to light when of them young punks up, I’m going to take his head off! And hope that’s enough to impress a coach. Wish me luck.