Human Centipede Goes Viral

This trailer is for a horror movie called The Human Centipede. In this movie two girls who are on the way to the club just happen to have their car break down, and guess what it’s raining. So they end up going to the nearest creepy looking house on the block looking for help. I know, typical horror movie plot. Right? But this is were this one changes, instead of it being your usual crazy axe murder who answers the door it ends up being some crazy mad doctor who is trying to make a human centipede by sewing a bunch of people together.

I think that the fact this movie has a different twist then most horror movies plus the fact that it is so odd has definitely made the preview go viral. The grossness and weirdness of making a human centipede has got people talking about this clip. When you try to explain this to some one they almost instantly want to go check it out because it is so bizarre. People just want to know what a human centipede would look like and how it would actually work.


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