It’s Madness Baby!

March Madness is almost a full day in and there have been some really good games thus far. Vanderbilt got up set which was huge for my bracket, I had them going down. I can’t believe how G-Town got man handled by Ohio, what the hell was that about. I bet that messed up some brackets.

I can’t believe how good a lot of these smaller schools are getting, it seems like the gap in talent is starting to close and it’s only a matter of time before a 16 seed beets a number one. As a matter of fact Lehigh is giving Kansas a run for their money as I type, that would be a huge upset!

I think this is got to be a better time of year than Christmas, I mean when else are you allowed to watch sports at work or at school? Only during March madness! I wonder if any other countries have a time of year this exciting? Probably not, it’s great to be American. Well I hope the rest of the tournament is as exciting as day one has been so far. Good luck to every one with your brackets.


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