New Drag-On & Kurupt Mixtapes

Ok it’s mixtape Saturday again over here at Rants of Knowledge, and this Saturday imp going to hit you with 2 mixtapes since I missed last week. The first one is from Drag-on, a lot of you might remember him for being on Ruff Ryder’s and hanging out with DMX. He is no longer on the Ruff Ryder’s (are they even in business any more?) he now reps hood environment. Drag has always been over looked and under appreciated, I got all of Drags previous albums and there all hot. Download his mixtape called The Crazies hosted by Dj Self and make sure check out Drag in the studio.

The second one is from one of my all-time favorite artist, the legendary Kurupt. I know people have been questioning if Kurupt still has it over the last few years, even I had been kind of disappointed but all the newer stuff I have been hearing Kurupt put out is fire. Ever since he started working with Terrance Martin I think Kurupt got the flame up under his ass again. His new mixtape is a prequel to Streetlights the album he is soon to release with Terrance Martin, it’s called Tha 4:20 Mixtape let me know what you think.


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