Is 30 to old to make the Team?

Tomorrow I will be trying out for the Traverse City Wolves (A semi pro football team). I think to my self is it even possible for a 30 year old man (ok well 29 but almost 30) who hasn’t played football since they stopped making footballs out of pigskin, to even have a chance to make it. With all the young kids fresh out of college and high school who have been playing for years, do I even stand a chance? I used to be fast, I used to be athletic, I used to be able to catch but it has been so long since I have even tested my skills that I don’t even know what I’m capable of. Am I crazy for even trying? Tomorrow I will find out. I have to it’s always been one of my life long dreams to play a professional sport. And semi pro football is close enough to pro, I mean I will be getting paid to play if I make the team and that makes it pro in my book. So when I go tomorrow I’m going to give it my all and hope for the best, and if I get a chance to light when of them young punks up, I’m going to take his head off! And hope that’s enough to impress a coach. Wish me luck.

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