Mixtape Saturday’s

What’s up world?  I love hip-hop, especially underground hip-hop but these days there is so much garbage out there that it’s giving rap a bad name. Not just rap music in general. But there is still some much good music out there and good artist too, you just have to search a lot harder to find them. Which makes it all the more exciting and makes you appreciate the music more when you do find something that gets your head bobbin.

So to big up some of my favorite artist and mixtapes that I come across, I’m going to star a little thing called mixtape Saturdays. Each Saturday I will bring to you a new artist and mixtape that makes me feel like there is still hope for quality music.

I’m going to kick off this first week with a kid from Cleveland, Ohio named Machine Gun Kelly. This dude was the first rapper ever to win at the famed Apollo Theater in New York, not only did he win but he won twice. (Not an easy task for a rapper, not easy for anyone really) Hear is a video of MGK and a link to his mixtape 100 Words and Running

Let me know what ya’ll think


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