Play Cloths

If anyone out there in the blogosphere is looking for some new clothing that are good quality and not to many people know about yet (so you wont have go to school trying to look fresh and find out everyone else is rockin the same shit as you) I would suggest that you check out

If your familiar with hip-hop than most likely you know who the Clips are. Play Cloths is a clothing brand that they started about a year ago so not to many people know about it yet. Now I don’t know if this clothing brand will ever get big, but it should because the quality is good and the designs are original.

My girlfriend bought me a hoody and a couple t-shirts for Christmas and I love them.

As far as pricing it’s reasonable for the shirts, the denim seems to be a bit pricey and I haven’t seen them in person so I can’t say if the jeans are worth it or not. The only complaint I have is that they tend to run a little small so just keep that in mind if you decide to purchase anything.


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