Cheap ass Clothing

The first order of buisness on my new blog is to talk about this Ed Hardy fad that seem to be hitting hard.

I just don’t get it! What’s the big deal about this dudes clothing?  The other day I’m in the mall and they have some Ed Hardy tee shirts on a rack, so I go over to check them out to see what’s so special about them. Maybe I’m missing something but to me there just ugly as shirts. So I get to the rack, I’m examining these shirts and the first thing I notice is the price $80. Damn! 80 Bucks for a GD t-shirt, that’s crack prices right there, the shit must be bullet proof or something for that amount.

But no it’s just a regular t-shirt and not even one of good quality at that. The shirt is so thin that you can see right through it.

So my question is why is this brand so popular?

  • All his designs are ugly and cheap looking
  • The quality is awful, if you washed the shirt it would probably fall apart
  • The stuff over priced
  • And he uses pretty much the same design on everything

I just can’t figure it out, it reminds me of my favorite shirt that I have had 15 years and washed so many times that it’s transparent. So someone please let me know what the appeal is please so maybe I can get with the program.

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