Goodwill Gem

I just moved to Ames Iowa a few months ago and don’t have a job yet so the funds are a tight like Weezy’s jeans. So instead of hitting the mall to get my shopping fix I decided to check out the local Goodwill. To my surprise they had a pretty large selection of used name brand clothing on their racks, which I guess would make since being a college town and having one of the best fashion programs in the country.

This is the gem I came across and picked up for a whopping $3.50.





Summer Shoe For The man Who Hates Sandals

For some reason I cant stand sandals, flip-flops, or any other kind of shoe that leaves the little piggy’s hanging out free to go to market. Because of this it makes finding that perfect summer shoe difficult to find. Enter the Clae Bruce, the perfect summer shoe for men who hate sandals.
The Bruce is made of mesh so it allows your feet to get that same cool feeling a sandal provides but doesn’t leave you feeling like a gladiator.



Fish ‘N’ Chips

I have been super obsessed with these shoes for the last few weeks. I’d kill your cat for a pair! Well not literally but as soon as I get some extra money I’m getting a pair, maybe even two. A shoe line from Base London the Fish ‘N’ Chips are the right amount of casual and style. This shoe also has a great story behind its name.



The Base London team spent an evening in one of London’s Fish ‘N’ Chips shops, sharing conversation of Great British youth cultures and the yearning for something fresh and new. Their newest line, Fish ‘N’ Chips, takes a rebellious attitude and youthful spirit and creates a line of lightweight footwear, from canvas sneakers to hi-top sneakers all with a laid-back attitude and colorful styling.



You can buy a pair here, but if these sell out before I get my hands on a pair I will be paying you a visit.

Human Centipede Goes Viral

This trailer is for a horror movie called The Human Centipede. In this movie two girls who are on the way to the club just happen to have their car break down, and guess what it’s raining. So they end up going to the nearest creepy looking house on the block looking for help. I know, typical horror movie plot. Right? But this is were this one changes, instead of it being your usual crazy axe murder who answers the door it ends up being some crazy mad doctor who is trying to make a human centipede by sewing a bunch of people together.

I think that the fact this movie has a different twist then most horror movies plus the fact that it is so odd has definitely made the preview go viral. The grossness and weirdness of making a human centipede has got people talking about this clip. When you try to explain this to some one they almost instantly want to go check it out because it is so bizarre. People just want to know what a human centipede would look like and how it would actually work.

It’s Madness Baby!

March Madness is almost a full day in and there have been some really good games thus far. Vanderbilt got up set which was huge for my bracket, I had them going down. I can’t believe how G-Town got man handled by Ohio, what the hell was that about. I bet that messed up some brackets.

I can’t believe how good a lot of these smaller schools are getting, it seems like the gap in talent is starting to close and it’s only a matter of time before a 16 seed beets a number one. As a matter of fact Lehigh is giving Kansas a run for their money as I type, that would be a huge upset!

I think this is got to be a better time of year than Christmas, I mean when else are you allowed to watch sports at work or at school? Only during March madness! I wonder if any other countries have a time of year this exciting? Probably not, it’s great to be American. Well I hope the rest of the tournament is as exciting as day one has been so far. Good luck to every one with your brackets.

Jordan Expedition II ill as F**k

Jordan shoes have always been some of the illest kicks on the market. I mean what other shoe brand do you know that will have people lined up out side of a store on release day waiting for them to open. But in my personal opinion a lot of the hybrid Jordan’s just haven’t been up to par with the classics. Enter the Jordan Expedition II, these Jordan’s have got to be the dopest ones put out in a long time. They are available now in select Jordan retailers. The black ones are the first Expedition released in December of 2009.